To do in Ibiza

There is plenty to do on Ibiza during the pleasant cooler months, away from the heat of July and August.  The sea is still very warm so you can enjoy swimming and trying  Water Sports.
There are Walking and Cycling routes all ready for you to follow. It is delightful to drive, walk or ride around the country side, especially in the Spring, as we have a glorious display of wild flowers, at their best in April – May to the beginning of June. Ibiza’s scenery is spectacular around the coast, and tranquil with the atmosphere of times gone by, in some of the interior villages such as San Mateo.
Also we have  boat charter for those who like Sailing. Eating and drinking is a favourite pastime here on Ibiza and we have a wonderful selection of specialist restaurants that cater to all tastes in foods and wines. Whilst out and about you can sample some of the Islands well known typical, local cuisine restaurants and tapas bars, either for lunch or in the evening. You can spend time relaxing in Spa’s, joining in some yoga classes or having massage and all manner of beauty treatments and if you’re feeling energetic enough, there are plenty of gym’s  to choose from.We have plenty of Culture and History including beautiful churches, buildings, museums, art, dance and music. All through the year we have an abundance of festivals, all with folk-dancing, music, games, exhibitions, entertainment, live shows, parades of classic cars, motor bikes, horse and carts.  Some are listed below that you might be interested in being here for. It is a good way to mix in with the locals, they love it and all turn out to enjoy a day of having fun with family & friends.Cycling and WalkingThe Ministry of Tourism on the Island have worked well to put cycling on the list of attractions.  There are now 20 planned routes through our beautiful country side or around cliffs and beaches of our coast.  You will see some of Ibiza’s ancient monuments and buildings including wells, watch towers and windmills. On all the routes, you will see an information board which shows the route, points of interest and the gradient, something you need to know considering our hills! All of the routes are good for walking.  Some of the routes pass cafes and shops where you can get refreshment, or you can take a picnic.  When you’re passing fruit trees, the general rule is that you can pick the fruit as long as you eat it there.The local magazine, Ibiza Now, has published 3 booklets on routes for walks, each book taking a different area of Ibiza.  The routes are all marked at various points to keep you on the right path. They also have a small book on the Wild Flowers of Ibiza. There is also a walkers group that meet every Wednesday and are led on a planned walk for the day. You can ask for the leaflets in any of the town halls or tourist information offices.