PIMS has been a well known family run bussiness in Pueblo Espárragos for over 30 years.

For tourism:
There are over 130 apartments on the site. Each apartment is privately owned and not all of them are rented out touristically.
There are studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments available. You can contact us for availability and further details.
As the apartments are privately owned, each apartment is unique and different from other apartments in terms of decor, amenities, layout, accessibility and location.

If you have any particular preferences, let us know, and we will try our best to find the perfect accommodation for you.
If any emergencies arise on arrival or during your stay, we have a 24h emergency phone on duty.
The check in time is 14:00h and our check out time is 12:00h.
Our office hours are 9:30h to 13:00h / 16:00h to 19:00h Monday to Friday.
Saturday 9:30h to 13:00h Sunday closed.
Come visit us during your stay and we will be happy to help you out with any directions, suggestions or enquiries.
-Calling on medical assistance and flight arrangements if necessary
-Money exchange and transfers
-Restaurant reservations
-Advice on excursions, walks, beaches etc.
We are looking forward to your visit

For owners:
Office open 12 months of the year with web site for sales and rentals.
Office services include a wide range, but to give you an idea, we are most frequently called upon to help in matters such as:
-Time spent on web sites keeping Pueblo Espárragos in public eye.
-Opening and dealing with post pertinent to Electricity/Gas/Tax authorities and responding accordingly. 
-In the event of inspections from any aforementioned authorities we accompany the inspectors/technicians around the site.
-Communication with community office and representation at meetings
 (We would like to point out that PIMS is not the community office, UNIDAD is)
-Arranging for maintenance repairs and making insurance claims.  (We do NOT receive commission from any of the contractors)
-Payment of local taxes, rates, electricity etc.
-Provision of cleaning services, linen and towels.
-Gas bottle delivery
-Travel arrangements – taxis or car hire
-Flight checks and provision of temporary accommodation if needed
-Calling on medical assistance and flight arrangements if necessary
-Money exchange and transfers
-Restaurant reservations
-Advice on excursions, walks, beaches etc.
For those apartments registered with the tourism authority, we are happy to obtain bookings for you and to look after the visiting tourists.
In the event of you wanting to sell your property, or indeed purchase another, we are fully qualified to handle the conveyance. Many owners need advice on how to proceed in the event of inheritance or gifting of property, we can help here too.

We are looking forward to working with you
Your PIMS team

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